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Throughout high school, I faced depression and couldn’t figure out what caused it. I felt shy, insecure, and overall unconfident in myself. I used to skip school days just so I wouldn’t have to socially interact and be around crowds of people during the depression, which eventually grew my social phobia.

Over time these mental challenges grew together making it more difficult to function with even the most basic tasks. I remember spending hours feeling anxious about having to make a phone call or even going to the store. The feeling of being judged and stared at increased and at some point I was forced to make a choice, continue to suffer or make a change.


I began to realize that if I wanted change to happen, then I myself would have to change how I think and do. Eventually, I managed to figure out the reason for my depression which was feeling out of place. The people I used to hang out with seemed so much more different than I was and I felt stuck hanging out with them.

I began to meet other people and make new friends to make the change. In time I began to feel like myself again. At this point, I overcame my depression and started to work on myself physically to tame my insecurities and began working out.


I’ve been working out for almost a decade now and have seen much progress since my first day in the gym. My starting weight was about 130 pounds at 5’9’’. I remember my brother being able to completely wrap his hand around my upper arm because I was so skinny. At first, my main objective was to learn how to work out and gain muscle. I would force myself to eat 3000 calories a day and struggle to put on weight consistently. 

The first 5 years of the fitness journey were off and on. I would have a great couple of weeks of consistent eating and going to the gym, then would slowly ease out. I believe this is normal to go through. It can be overwhelming to reach your fitness goals when starting out, but it is important to keep trying. Today I weigh 170 pounds and have grown by 40 pounds. I continue to learn and grow physically and have grown past many of the insecurities that cripple me in the past.


Going to parties in college was difficult for me. I dreaded crowds and being judged by others, so going out would typically lead to an anxiety attack before the night even started! The same thing happened when working as a valet manager – I would feel overwhelmed with all the customers rushing in and held the responsibility of dealing with whatever problems came my way (even if it wasn’t my fault). After some time, I began to feel burned out and was sick of this constant loop of stressing before, during, and after. To fix this, I began watching videos and reading articles to deal with this feeling. The biggest lessons I learned was to:

  • Do not stress about things you can’t control.
  • Everyone has enough things going on to worry about your every move.
  • One step at a time.

These lessons helped me through many times. When I noticed myself stressing about anything, these were the 3 things I would repeat to myself and apply to almost every situation. I no longer stress about parties or work-related issues even after leaving my valet job.


After everything I’ve been through, I spent many years trying to figure out what to do with my life and have come up with a solution, Bokey.co! I don’t want anyone to struggle the way I did in the past. Dealing with these problems can be hard, but I’m living proof it’s not impossible to live beyond them. Bokey.co is a resource for people like myself to learn and improve. From overcoming mental barriers to building purposeful skills to use in our everyday lives, Bokey.co will be the go to place for self-growth. 

I want to inspire and guide those to face their problems and not only overcome them, but conquer them by becoming a person they can truly be proud of. I continuously post content weekly to grow the insight and information I learn so that everyone can improve one way or another.

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